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Our services

Meals for the whole day

Our clients are served balanced meals from high-quality fresh ingredients, prepared in our own kitchen:
- healthy meals 5-times a day,- diabetes meals 6-times a day.

Round the clock care

Clients are provided with nursing, care and social services, in particular to ensure their quality of life and monitor their health status. As a matter of course, they may use everyday assistance with dressing and personal hygiene as well as the monitoring and administration of medications. Likewise, when necessary due to the health status, we assist clients with eating, either in the dining hall or directly in the client's room.

Medical and health care

We have a highly qualified medical staff and a physician working directly in the mansion at least twice a month.


Organisation of social activities directly in the facility: walks to the lake, tabletop games, handwork, joint reading, growing flowers and herbs.

Spiritual support

Clients may attend a mass and priest visits directly to the mansion are ensured on agreement. There are both Catholic and evangelical churches in the vicinity.


Basic counselling related to various aspects of life, in particular social, medical or economic.

Storing valuables

The conditions of the mansion allow for storing small valuables. If interested, clients may store their valuables based on a contract for storing valuables.

Electronic information system

increasing security and comfort of our clients
Technology really accompanies us at every age. And often they do not have to be understood. It is enough that they are of help. This is also true with regard to our clients who may, thanks to them, enjoy a family atmosphere without any troubles.
Smart watches
We use a unique software program created by Slovak developers that is interconnected with smart watches. It provides technological surveillance of each inhabitant of the mansion when their loved ones require it. At first sight, smart watches are not different from fitness devices, but our watches feature several other functions that we use to the fullest.
In the first place, they are equipped with a SIM card which opens new possibilities in the environment full of mansions, their gardens and parks. This means that we have a constant mobile data connection and GPS scanner available. Thus, the staff may instantly detect the position of a given person. The system allows to set up an invisible zone as well. If the client in our care leaves the zone, the staff is notified immediately.
The system can be easily set up according to personal preferences. Of course, if clients so desire, they may move without automatic surveillance outside the premises, too. Sometimes clients may become disoriented on their walks. However, they have a fully-fledged mobile phone on their waists which means that we may contact them and reassure them of our ability to find their position, immediately go and pick them up and help them.
Medical functions
Smart watches regularly collect basic physical data regarding the human body and enter them in a database. Thanks to this system, our physician has basic data, such as body temperature, heart rate or blood pressure, available every morning. This way, the physician can monitor each client much better. This feature of telemedicine makes the work of our staff much easier, as they do not have to visit each accommodated person with a thermometer and instead may, for example, prepare their rehab and procedures.
Watches feature an integrated accelerometer which allows for the immediate detection of position. They can also detect whether the user has fallen down quickly or just tripped. Subsequently, the system notifies the attending staff, providing them with all the information, and the staff can then immediately know how to intervene. Watches also include an SOS button, allowing the user to call for help immediately.
Instant overview
Our system is fully digital and, therefore, we keep detailed visual documentation not only for our needs, but also for the loved ones of our clients. We can remotely provide you with a complete overview of services that we provided to the person entrusted in our care, since you can be part of our system as well. In case of an urgent transport to hospital, the documentation allows instant provision of client information.
Personal account
The state-of-the-art facility uses innovative technology in other areas as well. Thus, clients may enjoy above standard rehab and beauty procedures, a cup of coffee or tea in the day club and they may even pay for the services with their smart watches.

Additional services

Specialised medical care

If a client needs to visit a specialist, we are ready to ensure their transport and assistance.

Rehab and massages

To maintain their well-being and health, clients may use rehab, massages and physiotherapy exercises supervised by a qualified staff. Clients have the option to exercise in a swimming pool, visit sauna or use hydromassage baths with various healing salts and herbs.


Organisation of social activities directly in the facility: canistherapy, music therapy, bibliotherapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy and zootherapy.

Day club

Each client may subscribe to the Day Club, with coffee, tea and juice available. From 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., they may even enjoy various smaller meals and desserts. They can also find newspapers and some weekly papers or magazines there. The Club is equipped with a large screen TV, computer and library where books are added regularly.

Washing, ironing and maintenance of clothes

We provide washing and ironing services with a standard capacity of 3 kg of clothes a week.

Hairdresser, manicure and pedicure services

Hairdresser, manicure and professional pedicure services.

Exclusive trips

To our clients, we offer a wide range of:- sightseeing and relaxing trips,- excursions,- tourist trips, Nordic walking,- visits to cultural events, shows.


At the request of the client or relatives, we can organise an above standard celebration on our premises for holding ceremonies.

Above standard transport

The above standard fleet of our company includes luxurious vehicles for personal transportation (for example to transport a client to our facility or take them for a visit to their families) and ambulance vehicles when urgent transportation to a specialised medical facility is necessary. If necessary, we can also arrange air transport (helicopter/plane).

Storage of personal items

We offer the storage of items that do not fit within the room, e.g., seasonal clothing, hobby and sports items...