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Price list

1. Client with government allowance

Supplementary payment for care in case of a client with a government allowance depends on the degree of reliance on care and on the grant or amount of client subsidies from individual state institutions and offices. In our facility BELIS Mošovce, the supplementary payment of family is since €399 per person/month.

2. Self-paying client

The price for accommodation of a self-paying client depends on the chosen type and category of accommodation and selection of services. In our facility BELIS Mošovce, the prices are inclusive of additional services starting from €2,390 per person/month.

3. Waiting client

In our facility, the number of clients with a government allowance is limited and we have a transparent list of waiting clients. On the waiting list, we prefer our accommodated self-paying clients.

After some time and when meeting the conditions for being granted financial contributions, a waiting client may be transferred to category 1, i.e., a client with a government allowance.

Why is staying in our facility more expensive?

Compared to standard non-public social care services, our basic category is more expensive by approximately €300 per month, but we offer truly above-standard services and luxurious accommodation on extraordinary premises of Slovak mansions, their gardens and parks.